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At first I was nervous to take this bar because it has CBD, I thought it was going to make me tired and high. Within 30 minutes, my knee aches were relieved and I noticed I was not anxious.

Vanessa P.

Wow! I am blown away by the bars! The most delicious I’ve had!

Jessica S.

I bought a bar at the Warren Store in Vermont. It tastes great!

Gabby H.

I used Dark Chocolate Magic before my workout and I noticed I was so much more relaxed and had the motivation to push harder!

Riley J.

Tried your bars for the first time…and felt absolutely amazing during my race. Just had to give you a shout out and hope to see you guys in more bay area stores!

Sara B.

The balm is AMAZING, I love using it for massage/graston to really work the CBD into the muscles. Thank you so much for giving me that jar back at the Trials!

Molly S.

My Online shopping experience was easy breezy; I had no problems navigating through the website. I was also appreciative of the expeditious delivery. Can’t wait to try all the bar flavors!

Crysy H.

Love the bars! I’m an avid runner and I have tried multiple energy bars for training and races. This bar now become my new fave as it taste awesome and is packed with wonderful nutrients necessary for running performance.
Thanks for creating such a wonderful product!

Hanny S.

[My wife] ate Ashlee’s Powers bars during her first marathon. Zero Soreness after!

Matt S.


Why Ashlee’s Powers?

We are more than just a brand. As an athlete-owned and operated business, we love competition. Ashlee’s Powers is commited to provide the highest quality and most effective products at the most competitive prices. Our ingredients are the most superior in the market and all have a purpose. You won’t find added fillers, flavorings, or nonsense. Every ingredient used is thought out carefully to better you and ensure you are able to meet your highest potential. Learn more about Our Powers and how you can set the bar HIGH!.

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Ashlee’s Powers

Made for athletes, by athletes

As an elite runner, I’ve dealt with 8 years of injuries and an unwillingness to quit.I grew up in Southern California, the middle child of three sisters and a single mom.All of us are runners.It was common that someone was nursing a strained ligament, experiencing joint pain, or ever-present shin splints.I needed a holistic formula that would allow me to recover as I continued to train on a daily basis.My passion for training and nutrition inspired me to focus on creating products that could help others beat their limits. Our balm has no-nonsense ingredients and is simple, yet effective. When creating my bars, I combined my favorite superfoods: Spirulina, Raw Cacao, Collagen Peptides, and Hemp Oil (Cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound found in hemp) into one delicious bar. My bars do not taste just good, they have full flavor and creamy textures all the while delivering high energy superfoods. The results of using our products regularly are decreasing inflammation, promoting recovery, and increasing endurance. The bars are also a great pre-workout treat to give your body a burst of energy while calming your nerves so you can meet your full potential and set the bar HIGH!

Ashlee Powers

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