Wow, I cannot believe how time flies – it has been almost 2 years to the date since my last post. I am both shocked and a little embarrassed. A LOT has changed since my last post. I have switched jobs and then career paths. I have also moved up to the half marathon and will be debuting in the marathon this fall at Chicago, where I was accepted into the American Development Program!

Two years ago, I had intended to continue with blogging regularly, but life happened (doesn’t that suck) and I had to put my focus elsewhere. I am still in LA, I am injury-free, and I am now a business owner! Honestly, I was so distracted over the last two years, trying to find myself, I couldn’t even think about what I could share on my blog. Writer’s block at its finest. After some soul searching, and a lot of self-exposure, I finally found the inspiration I was looking for.

Untitled designLet’s play a little catch up. I am still with Cal Coast Track Club, though I am based in LA and they are in OC. Coach Sumner, who has been my coach since 2007 is still coaching me on a daily basis, and we have made A LOT of progress. Towards the end of 2017, I really started showing results. At the Dana Point Turkey Trot, I raced the 10k where I placed 2nd and got a HUGE PR: 34:26. I went on to compete at the 2018 USATF 10k Road Championships, where I placed 24th (IN THE NATION) and ran a 35:37 on the Peachtree course!

After the USATF Road Championships, I decided to begin focusing on building up for the half marathon. I had a stellar cross country season in the process, being undefeated in California. Right after USATF Club Cross Country Championships, I decided to race my first half. My coach and I decided on the Carlsbad Half Marathon (they advertised a fast course). To my surprise, it was HILLY! Luckily, I train on Mulholland daily, so I was able to snag a 2nd place finish with the time of 1:17:14. After that, I raced one more half in Encinitas, where I did not have so much of a good day, but still ran a 1:18:09.

After the Encinitas Half, I decided to take a break from competing. I had been juggling Untitled design (1).pngmy day job as an Executive Assistant and working on launching my new company, Ashlee’s Powers protein bars. Needless to say, I was overloaded. By the end of May, I had to take inventory and make the decision to go all in on my company and leave my job. The decision was a tough one, but I know it was the right one. Since becoming an entrepreneur, I found a new found love and it is exciting that it ties into my first love, running.

My protein bars contain all the superfoods and supplements I’ve used over the past couple years to help prevent injuries and improve my performance. Those ingredients are Collagen Peptides, Spirulina, and Hemp CBD powder. I just couldn’t keep this secret from the world and wanted to help other athletes better themselves and inform them of the benefits of these super ingredients. Enough about my company, feel free to check it out, but it has to move over, because this post is about ME.

My journey has been a long one, it has not always been pretty, and it has definitely been painful, but I am so excited I did not hang my shoes up and give up on my Olympic Dreams. My hope is to inspire others through my posts as well as provide education, business advice, and fitness tips. I know setting goals can be scary, and so can taking risks, but knowing others are doing it and are there to support you can be empowering.

All of us have a story. We are all complex, and look to others in cyber space to learn and find understanding. Outside of my passion for running, I have a passion for helping and inspiring others. So now, my blog will be focused around fitness, life, and navigating everything in between as a busy entrepreneur.

Can’t wait to share my new journey with you!

Just keep running. XOXO

Ashlee Powers

Next Race: Cypress 10k