Not So Pro: The Art of Proving your Potential

When I started this blog 6 years ago, I wanted to share my journey to the world as I navigated injuries, college running, and the prospect of running professionally. Early on, I found a problem in the running world – you either…

Training Update: The Marathon Project

In a year of uncertainty, cancelations and virtual races, I cannot believe we are less than 5 days out from the Marathon Project! Last time I raced was nearly 10 months ago at the Olympic Trials. Even writing that now shocks me. Up until Sunday, I thought I had raced 8 months ago. I shared […]


Aches and pains can slow you down, and strip you of your innate powers. There are regular balms with menthol that only offer temporary relief. Paineracer was inspired by my own experience with chronic pain and the mission to promote longevity through active living, pain-free. Our mild lavender product delivers high potency hemp oil for […]

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5 Reasons Why Exercise is Good for Health

Most people exercise to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. However, some see it as a way to cope with the daily stresses of life. Whatever it may be, exercising has multiple health benefits for your overall wellbeing. Here are some great reasons to exercise regularly: You can reduce weight and stay fit Reducing weight requires […]

7 Ways to Change Your Eating Habits

The Coronavirus pandemic has certainly altered the way of life for most people. Being under lockdown in your own home for many days can certainly create tensions and can make people very anxious. Most people have chosen to stock up on food supplies in their pantry, with foods that have a long shelf-life or are […]

Top Supplements and Vitamins for Athletes

Athletes dedicate multiple hours of work to remain fit and stay healthy. They need to compensate for the lost amount of energy by supplementing foods that have high nutrient value. Here are some of the best supplements and vitamins that can make a considerable change to your athletic lifestyle.   Omega-3 fatty acids Omega-3 fatty […]

Running Safety

***None of the brands mentioned in this post are sponsored, nor did they pay to be mentioned in this blog. These are my preferences based on person use.*** With many gym still closed and social distancing in place, people are opting to run outside and stay close to home. In my 3 and a half […]

Mystery Solved: Operation Exhaustion

Hey guys! Once again, I took a hiatus from blogging. Things have been crazy since my last post (in July 2019!?), so I will use this post as a little refresh before I go into what is currently going on. UPDATE (August 2019-February 29, 2020) Previously, I had shared the recent launch of my business, […]

Nutrition: Post-Workout Banana Walnut Shake

My love for banana and walnuts started with my first bite from banana-nut bread. Later in life, I was introduced to Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, which inspired me to create Ba-Ba-Banana Trip. Not only are they a delicious combination, but they are also the perfect post-workout duo promoting quicker recovery. Bananas are a post-race […]

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