Aches and pains can slow you down, and strip you of your innate powers. There are regular balms with menthol that only offer temporary relief. Paineracer was inspired by my own experience with chronic pain and the mission to promote longevity through active living, pain-free. Our mild lavender product delivers high potency hemp oil for extended relief. The kind that allows for a full 8 hours of sleep or get through that 3-hour, or even 4-hour marathon. Paineracer salve can be used before, during or after a workout. We suggest you apply it above and below the tender muscle as well as directly on the inflammation. When used regularly, the salve calms the muscles without drying the skin. promoting advanced healing.

Paineracer is my extra-strength relief balm formulated and approved by the top athletes in the US. After dealing with over 9 years of nagging injuries, I decided to find my own solution. After researching the market and finding overpriced products with diluted ingredients, I decided to be the disrupter I wanted to see in the industry. I can guarantee there is no match to Paineracer, we pride ourselves on being a brand athletes of all types can trust and use with confidence.

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