Remember the days when we were so busy we reminisced about all the things we would do if we had more time? Or what about those long days in the office and all you would think about is how much you would love to be home relaxing. The time has come, and though the circumstances may not be ideal, we are here to help make your time at home more relaxing with some tips and tricks to help reduce anxiety in uncertain times.
1. Start Journaling
There are many ways to start a journal and the purpose is limitless. If you are not one to journal your thoughts and feelings, you could also pick up Bullet Journaling. Bullet Journals are a great way to break old habits and reinforce new ones. They are also great for planning your day and stay on track. While at home, I have taken up bullet journaling to stay focused on my to-do list, create monthly goals, track my water intake, mood and more! If you don’t know where to start you can check out Pinterest for some inspiration.
2. Meditate
Before quarantine, there just wasn’t enough time to pick up meditating. Now, time is something hard to fill and often being spent on social media. Instead of scrolling through your newsfeed, take the time to unwind with guided meditation apps such as Calm, Headspace, and Fabulous (Fabulous offers more than just meditation, with a subscription). Many of these apps offer free guided meditation, and if you want to get more options you can subscribe for a fee. If you want unlimited guided meditation options, you could also use YouTube and find the options that best meet your needs.
3. Listen to Music (and sing along!)
Have you ever noticed when you sing to your favorite music you are naturally in a better mood? Suddenly you have no worries and might even let loose and dance? Singing along to your favorite songs can help remove you from your anxious thoughts and elevate your mood. I would recommend choosing your favorite happy songs or pump-up music to help inspire a happier, more energized mood.
4. Exercise
Even with gyms and parks closed, there are still many ways to stay active and safe at home. Many apps such as Nike Training Club and social media influencers are hosting free sessions ranging from HIIT to core workouts. In addition to home workouts, you can also take your exercise outside with a neighborhood walk or run. Studies have shown walks as short as thirty minutes daily (or as often as possible) can lower your heart rate, ease your anxiety, and relieve your stress.
5. Take a Bath
Baths are so underrated. When we weren’t cooped up at home, chances are, you preferred a night out with friends over a warm soothing bath. Now, what better thing to do than to light some candles and draw the tub? My favorite way to unwind in the bath is to add lavender Epsom salt and a calming tea such as Peach Tranquility or Sleepy TIme Chamomile tea. You can take this to the next level by adding soothing music or nature sounds. Oh, and leave your phone in the other room!